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Do Some Damage: Scott D. Parker: Storyteller or Wh The talent demonstrated by Ms. Ragland and Ms. Dead Stop is a humorous mystery by Martha Ragland, who describes herself as a late bloomer. It stars a wannabe sleuth, widow Maud Scrumble, retired race car driver on the downside of 70 who craves excitement. With her souped-up red Jaguar and a mail-order private detection curse, Maud knows just enough to be dangerous — to the consternation of the police.

The purpose of this annual scholarship competition is to nurture talent in mystery writing. Each candidate qualifies by submitting a mystery-writing sample in the form of the first three chapters of a novel or nonfiction, or three short stories or a script.

Candidates also provide details about the educational programs they will attend, 2 letters of recommendation, and an essay explaining their interest in mystery writing. As a travel escort for seniors, Emily AndrewMiceli has led her feisty Iowa clan all over the world. Joining them is an awkward high school reunion. But when the quarrelsome host of their historic inn dies under suspicious circumstances, Emily worries that her travel business—and even her group—will fall victim to a murderer.

Every owner of the vintage Chappy Wheeler lunchbox, a prototype based on the s TV western, has died. When tour escort Emily Miceli leads her globetrotting group of Iowa senior citizens to Alaska, a tour member turns up dead. Odelia Grey — a single, plus-sized woman who makes no excuses for her weight — suspects foul play when a friend commits suicide.

Her investigation turns into a hilarious romp to the ritzy enclave of Corona del Mar and the seedy realm of live web-cam porn.

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Could Dr. Brian Eddy, plastic surgeon to the rich and famous, possibly be the Blonde Bomber serial killer? Packed with everything from homeless kittens to Mob connections, this mystery is messier than a chicken parmigiana sandwich. Trouble grows faster than a corn crop in July when a dead body is found in a cornfield.

Thanksgiving with her mother has Odelia all wound up. But her cousin Ina has it worse when her husband is found inside a storage locker—dead. When Odelia Grey attends a rugby match to cheer for her quadriplegic friends, the last thing she expects is a murder on the field. Complicating matters is her friendship with the killer. Jaffarian neatly pulls all the plot lines together for a satisfying outcome.

With her name at the top of the suspect list, Odelia and her husband, Greg, are determined to find the answers. Her new, icy-cold boss, Erica Mayfield, has it in for Odelia. The stress triples when Erica dumps Lily, her three-yearold niece, with Odelia and disappears for the weekend.

Best Defense by Randy Rawls

Things get even stickier when video of the rescue goes viral, and the man who helped them winds up dead. Vampires in Los Angeles? Ghostly puzzles are one of the trendy new themes in cozy mysteries, and this is a good one. All clues point toward Ann Hayes, a contemptuous undead beauty. Needing closure, Rory takes her dog Pluckie to a town called Destiny, where superstitions are a way of life.

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When one of the suitors is murdered, Rory wonders if her friend guilty of murder or is just having a run of bad luck. A kidnapped six-year-old, allegedly gifted with prophetic vision, may know something about his death. Investigator Del Shannon can hardly forgive herself for screwing up a ransom payoff for two teenage girls.

Meanwhile, time is running out for Lissa Rogers and Kendra Kozak, held captive by a dangerous fugitive on an island in the Louisiana bayous — and quite possibly the site of a legendary treasure. Veterinary technician Carrie Kennersly has converted an old bakery into the Barkery, a shop to make and sell dog treats. But when her veterinarian boyfriend is accused of murdering a former colleague who was trying to compete with him, she must either clear his name or come to terms with her beau being a murderer.

But the woman Janelle blames ends up dead, and Janelle is the top suspect.