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When I shake his hand, I do not know he once ran a marathon in Chicago faster than any human had ever run a marathon.

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I launch into my spiel about my dad being overweight and a smoker and qualifying for Boston in one year and how I moved here to try to qualify for Boston myself. He is looking into my eyes, checking my expression. I just keep smiling, warm and open and hoping to have my goal ratified in some way; this is the public debut of my mission, my quest.

Jones turns to talk to someone else.

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Dan quickly pulls aside another man he thinks I should know. He, too, is a skinny guy, short and youthful with wire glasses and wispy blonde hair. I tell him the same thing I just told Steve Jones. I smile.

Running Away: The Memoir of a Bishop's Son

See how earnest I am? Carl does not smile back. He looks at Dan Skarda, raises his eyebrows, draws a sip of his beer. And then, same as Steve Jones, he turns away. What do you wonder about Colorado that you'd like us to investigate?

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Need help? Search Input. Chapter 3 The Boulder Road Runners meet socially on the first Monday of every month at the Walnut Brewery, the flagship in a chain of brewpubs fanning from Colorado into fifteen other states.

The whole point is to qualify. Government and Politics.

Impeachment Questions Dominate Rep. Featured Events Indie Oct Local Happy Hour pm Larimer Lounge. Nov Colorado Wonders What do you wonder about Colorado that you'd like us to investigate? So How Many Are There?

What Do You Wonder About? It is about using your soles to search your soul—and this wonderful book captures that feeling so well.

Memoirs of a Runaway: A Story of Hope

Running through these pages with Catriona Menzies-Pike is as rejuvenating as a dash down the trail where your burdens can be, if not left behind, at least carried more easily. This is a book of rebirth, effort, courage, and caring—the qualities few runners expect but the lucky ones find. An educational, entertaining, and soulful journey through the miles. Her twenties were a time of searching—hard drinking, on-and-off relationships, restless travel— anything to avoid confronting the loss at the center of her life. Now in her thirties, Menzies-Pike examines her years of mourning in light of the surprising way she finally found herself able to come to terms: long-distance running.

She holds a PhD in English literature and has taught literary studies to undergraduates since