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But in these images, stars have showed their ghoulish sides - wearing spooky make-up, veiled outfits and even false body parts. Can you guess the names of all of these sexy-turned-supernatural figures in our Halloween quiz? Usually the height of glamour, this old crone could be conjuring up an evil Dynasty 1. Obviously The Queen among witches 2 , left, while Batman might have trouble recognising this once purr-fect Catwoman 3 , right.

As Louise, she and friend Thelma entranced film fans 6 , left, while this blonde-haired witch 7 , right, performed a spell in Hex And The City. Who's that old witch? A scary spectre Mama Mia! And you thought she was terrifying in The Devil Wears Prada 5. Spooky to think she was a vamp as Morticia Addams 8. This witch had real a-Peel as an Avenger 9. Share or comment on this article: Halloween quiz: Name the glamorous stars playing witches e-mail.

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Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search. Now in her memoir, she reveals how she introduced her to Roddy Llewellyn Do it in denim! Newly single Shanina Shaik flashes her washboard abs and ample cleavage in sizzling cover shoot for Keen Magazine Wife of sex pest Josh Duggar marks year wedding anniversary and says faith has helped them through tough times Kristina Rihanoff flaunts her svelte frame in a semi-sheer bodysuit as she cosies up to Ben Cohen at Champneys owner's 60th birthday bash Million Dollar Listing New York: Luis D. After a Quidditch match between Gryffindor and Slytherin , in which the Gryffindor Seeker Harry Potter had his arm broken by a rogue bludger , Lockhart offered to help repair his arm.

Lockhart making a fool out of himself at the first and last duelling club meeting. Lockhart founded a short-lived Duelling Club for students. He made a fool of himself at the very first meeting by firstly being disarmed by Severus Snape and then falsely claiming that he had allowed Snape to do so. He also angered a snake conjured by Draco Malfoy by launching it into the air rather than vanishing it , causing it to aim at Justin Finch-Fletchley. Lockhart was also indirectly responsible for bringing out Harry's full-fledged Parselmouth ability because if he had vanished the snake successfully, there would be no need for Harry to run at the snake and demand it to leave Justin alone.

The snake was subsequently successfully vanished by Snape immediately afterwards. When Hermione Granger was in the Hospital Wing for a malfunction dosage of Polyjuice Potion , Lockhart sent her a get-well card, with an unnecessarily long introduction of himself as a signature. Hermione slept with this under her pillow, much to Ron Weasley's disgust. During Valentine's Day , Lockhart, wearing lurid pink robes, completely redecorated the Great Hall with pink flowers and raining heart-shaped confetti as a morale-booster to cheer up the mood against the Chamber of Secrets incident, much to the distaste of Ron Weasley and the teachers.

Lockhart received at least forty-six valentines, one of which was from Hermione Granger , and made unwelcome suggestion about performing Entrancing Enchantments and brewing Love Potions , suggesting that they should ask Professors Flitwick and Snape , respectively. This made Flitwick bury his face in his hands in embarrassment, and Snape furious enough for Harry to make a bet that he would force the first person who dared to ask him for a Love Potion to consume poison.

He even had dwarfs wear golden wings and carry harps to deliver valentines throughout the school, which they did even if they have to do so forcibly , much to Harry Potter 's embarrassment when one forced him to listen to one from Ginny Weasley by knocking him down.

This event was, ironically, somewhat a repeat of his attempt to earn attention during his youth in Valentines Day, being equally as annoying. When the Chamber of Secrets was opened, Lockhart made false claims that he knew where the Chamber was and what the Salazar Slytherin 's monster was all along. He even claimed that he knew Rubeus Hagrid was guilty all along when the Minister for Magic arrested the gamekeeper, even though it was only done as a precaution. While the other teachers were serious and tense from all the attacks, Lockhart was the only one who remained relaxed and unconcerned about these security measures.

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For instance, after Ginny Weasley was taken into the Chamber, he walked into the Hogwarts staffroom and simply told the other present Professors " So sorry — dozed off — what have I missed? Harry and Ron force Lockhart to go to the Chamber with them. On 29 May , , after the aforementioned occurrence, the other teachers, after giving him stony looks of hatred, told Lockhart to go down to the Chamber and deal with the monster, in response to his arrogance and many claims that he knew how to solve the problem.

Instead of trying to rescue Ginny, Lockhart attempted to run away from the school, but was caught by Harry Potter and Ron Weasley when they came to his office to give him information regarding the Chamber, and he accidentally revealed his life-style of fraudulence. Harry and Ron forced Lockhart to go down to the Chamber with them. There, Lockhart seized Ron's broken wand and attempted to perform a total Memory Charm on Harry and Ron, planning on taking a piece of basilisk skin back up to the surface and tell everyone that he was too late to save Ginny and that the two "tragically" lost their minds at sight of her mangled body.

The wand backfired and the charm hit Lockhart instead, blasting him against the rocks causing him to lose all of his memories, giving him complete amnesia. His departure from school was met with the joy and celebration of many students and teachers, as he had ceased to be universally popular at Hogwarts. Blissfully ignorant of his own fraudulence, or of anything else, for that matter, Lockhart's many crimes were never actually revealed to the public, presumably because his former employer, Professor Dumbledore, felt that Lockhart had already got what he deserved and decided against making his fate any worse by exposing him to the wizarding world and see him treated with contempt for the rest of his life for wrongdoings he had no idea he had even committed.

This is evident by how not even the Healers at St Mungo's had been informed about the details around his admittance, as Miriam Strout , one of the employees at the long-time ward he was admitted to, spoke casually about how Gilderoy had been "quite well-known a few years ago" and were optimistic to the prospect of Gilderoy's signs of improvement later in his treatment.

Halloween quiz: Name the glamorous stars playing witches

He had regained his memory to the extent that he could write in cursive "with joined-up letters" , and still enjoyed signing autographs. Ron felt somewhat guilty since his malfunctioning wand was responsible for damaging Lockhart's memories, but Harry felt less sympathetic, for it was Lockhart's attempt to remove their memories in the first place that resulted in this backfire.

Overall, Harry observed Lockhart had not changed much and voiced this opinion, making Ginny giggle. It is known that Gilderoy never got visitors, suggesting that his family was either deceased or did not care for him. However, Lockhart still received fan mail including weekly letters from Gladys Gudgeon further evidence that the foundation of falsehood on which he had built his career as an author never became common knowledge , though he had no idea why.

He also kept his peacock-feather quill, though it had become somewhat battered by that time so that he could keep signing autographs. Though he did retain some memories, Lockhart never fully recovered. Fortunately, however, he is known to be happier that way. Gilderoy Lockhart was a foppish, handsome wizard with wavy blonde hair and particularly straight and shiny teeth. He was known for wearing flamboyant, flashy and incredibly extravagant robes in a wide assortment of colours. However, during his moments of cowardice, Lockhart's handsomeness was lost, as he looked weak-chinned and foolish in the midst of his ineptitude.

Gilderoy Lockhart's defining characteristics were his extreme arrogance and exceeding vanity, conceit, egomania, narcissism and self-obsession.

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He was a voracious self-promoter and claimed to have done many great deeds, though in actuality he was a fraud and merely took credit for other wizards and witches' accomplishments and whose claims about himself were for the most part nothing but conceit, self-praise, and vanity and whose claims about other things were idle speculations, gross exaggerations, and pure sensationalism; he went as far as to claim his winning of the Witch Weekly's Most Charming Smile Award five times in a row is more impressive than Harry Potter defeating Lord Voldemort.

He also made outrageous claims and suggestions, whether about other people's professions or in times of danger, in order to make himself look more important and powerful than he truly was. Like Stan Shunpike, Gilderoy tends to come up with fabricated concepts on the spot rather frequently just to impress his admirers. His attempts to earn himself more fame also led him to attempt spells without fully understanding them such as removing Harry's bones instead of mending them, and launching a snake into the air instead of making it vanish.

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Indeed, many of his books contained a large number of invented details to promote his supposed feats. In addition to his self-promoting nature, he was also highly impractical, to the point of being reckless, in many situations. When the Chamber of Secrets opened, he made many pointless suggestions and false volunteers despite the seriousness of the situation, and his "morale booster" outright disturbed classes instead of building up confidence.

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His school lectures and materials were simply selling his overly expensive autobiographies while reading out chapters from these uninformative books and even theatrically reenacting them, thus lacking any educational purposes. He insisted on mass-producing his own shampoo despite the ingredients being too dangerous and expensive to procure, especially for something as superficial as hair-care.

With a little flattering, Hermione Granger was able to get Lockhart to sign a permission form for a book within the library's Restricted Section , to which Lockhart did not even bother to look at the book she wanted, much less question her for reasons for wanting a potentially dangerous document, which other teachers would not be so reckless. Even in his time as a student, his antics of garnering attention caused huge amounts of trouble that earned him scorn and loathing instead of the popularity and praise he desired.

Lockhart's overbearing self-centred personality and insensitivity irked most of the people he encountered who were not included among his fans. His unprofessional behaviour earned him the dislike of the Hogwarts faculty, as well as many of the students. However, his arrogance did have limits and he recognised that Albus Dumbledore, his employer and Headmaster of Hogwarts, was a greater wizard than he was, as he never displayed that he believed himself to be above Dumbledore.

Also, like many magical folk human and nonhuman alike Lockhart feared Voldemort to the point where he could not call him by his name. Lockhart was overall considered a joke by Hogwarts, and when he left due to memory loss, the majority if not the entirety of the school was elated to see him go. He also seemed to be completely oblivious to the reactions he elicited from other people or misinterpreted them completely. When Ron looked revolted at his ostentatious peacock quill, Lockhart thought Ron was admiring it.

He ignored Harry's many attempts to contradict his theories of enjoying his company and attention, as well as Harry's pleas for Lockhart to leave his broken arm alone, and also completely failed to notice the looks of hatred he received from the rest of the faculty for his ignorance. He asserted that Hogwarts was safe from the monster of Slytherin after Hagrid was arrested, claiming extra security was no longer necessary, and though proven wrong almost immediately, Lockhart stubbornly refused to retract his earlier claims, and continued to complain about how the extra security was tiring him out.

His ignorance, arrogance, and self-serving nature ultimately led to his downfall when he attempted to use Ron's damaged wand to perform the complex Memory Charm despite seeing the backfires it has caused over the year mainly in the Duelling Club , evidently forgetting the dangers of attempting such a feat or that the wand was even damaged.

When faced with true danger, Gilderoy showed his true nature of a self-serving coward. He attempted to flee from Hogwarts when the other teachers pressured him into entering the Chamber of Secrets after Ginny Weasley's abduction, and claim that his books can be misleading, contradicting his past vain support on them. Even after the location of the Chamber's entrance was discovered, he was willing to leave Ginny Weasley to die, attempting to modify Harry and Ron's memories to cover himself.

Although Lockhart started out as a clever and very skilled student, being sorted into Ravenclaw house, his main flaw was that he would never try in his studies or anything unless he was the very best at it, having been spoiled by his mother's overly affection and his own ego. Even in his childhood, he already expected the students and teachers to greet him with admiration and excitement, as he deluded himself into thinking he is a genius above all others of undeserved rights, and was very disappointed and dulled when he was not given any special treatments.

He studied not for education, but for attention and awards, and spent much of his time with annoying vanity projects for fame and glory that instead earned him a small notoriety. His abilities eventually deteriorated nearly beyond the point of recovery, which went past that point when he was struck with his own backfiring Memory Charm. Despite his ineptitude in most other areas of magic due to long-term neglect and misuse, Lockhart was skilled in Memory Charms, it being the one spell he focused on for his entire life, and was conniving enough to deceive other wizards and witches to thoroughly reveal their work to him before erasing their memories and claim the credits for himself.

He also appeared to have been a skilled writer, publishing many books consisting primarily of his embellishments of other people's achievements, taking credit for them as his own. Given his propensity for lying, however, it cannot be said for certain that Lockhart himself actually wrote any of the books, though he did understand that the readers would not be nearly half as interested in his books if they realised his feats were no more than fictionalised plagiarism. He also added many invented details in such feats to promote himself further, distorting facts with fictional concepts.

In addition to his other flaws, Lockhart may have had a spiteful streak in him.