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Part 1 LAX airport police on a woman claims a pilot gave her a bag at LAX

Show 10 20 50 We flew Westjet as a cheap option to get from Calgary to Boston. The lack of staff at Calgary check in was a concern, but we made it through the automated madness and checked 2 bags. We nearly missed the first flight due to a gate change but caught that one and ended up on a new and right up the back. Arriving in Toronto saw a late gate change so we sat around for over 30mins before disembarking.

The next flight also had a gate change and was a small prop-jet with hard seats. Arriving in Boston around 6. There was no one there despite a big sign to the contrary, and all the check in staff had also gone home. After trying the number in the Westjet app which was not connecting, we finally got through to help staff in Alberta. I gave them all the information which they confirmed by return call, indicating that the bag was in Toronto and I would be contacted by Boston staff in the morning when it arrived.

No joy! In fact the info provided had conveniently disappeared so I gave it again. We were supposed to have got emails as well - nada! Still no joy, still they lost the details but this time promised to get the bag sent on. We were contacted by the baggage service and the bag finally arrived somewhat worse for wear around 11pm after 48 hours.


My family had a terrible experience on Sep 08 Prior to boarding, this flight was delayed by 3 hours and because of this, my family had to wait in the airport for 5 hours. Starting from their boarding, the flight attendant never showed any warm welcome to exhausted passengers. Instead, she was very hostile to my family.

Due to the stress, my son was very tired and could not easily get calmed down while seated. My wife and my mother-in-law were trying their best to calm down him and let him well sit and tied with the seatbelt. However, only after about 3 minutes, this attendant came and demanded my family to leave the aircraft immediately. My family had to leave the aircraft. My family had to walk a long way holding the 2 year baby to outside of the airport and re-check in to purchase the next available flight tickets. I cannot image this could happen in a civilized community.

I called WestJet customer service immediately after receiving the call from my wife and also got very rude response. I am very disappointed and frustrated with WestJet. We have always been huge Westjet supporters but since recent changes in owners have led to changes in flights specifically to Maui as well as the extremely abysmal service we recently received we are no longer a fan and truly disappointed in this airline.

In June we booked a flight to see my mother in law who had failing health. Before we were able to travel she passed away. Because I booked basic and yes I did read the small print but had not expected her to pass away, I was not unable to change our flights. My husband spent hours on the phone but to no avail and in fact not one of them even told him if he had to rebook he could ask for compassion price.

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