Manual The Word: God Will Keep It! The 400 Year History of the King James Bible Only Movement

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This church was founded by eighteenth century theologian, Robert Sandeman, the son-in-law of controversial Scottish nonconformist preacher John Glas. Faust uses quotations by Glas from his own works, implying that the Scot was an ardent King James-only Pastor and that, therefore, the church founded by Robert Sandeman was an example of an early King James-only church. Collard, , While the expression of the superiority of the King James Bible to the original autographs, manuscripts, or even languages was based on the fact that the KJV, unlike the latter, was available to the common man this in no way implies the same type of perfection the King James-only proponents claim for it.

The basis for the belief in the authority of the King James Bible before the KJV-only Movement was expressed very clearly by George Holden in his work, An Attempt to Illustrate the Book of Ecclesiastes, where he advised against any revision to the Authorized Version due to the position it held.

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While rival scholars would support their several systems with the stubbornness of preconceived opinion, the belief of well-meaning, but illiterate, minds would be liable to be shaken by a change in what they have been accustomed to revere as the standard of their faith. The style and phraseology of the authorized version have become venerable; it has acquired a sacredness of character by being handed down, for two centuries, from father to son, as the Word of God; its very errors are, in a manner, consecrated by the reverential respect of the people; and it is not likely that any superior accuracy would, in the present feverish state of public opinion, compensate for the dangers of innovation.

Frank Norris was a precursor to himself in the King James-only movement, but as there are no extant sermons of J. Frank Norris extolling the virtues of the King James Bible. Frank Norris, King James Bible crowd. Rivington, , ciii. This is not the same thing as saying that the KJV is a superior or divinely inspired translation not only based on its common usage, but on its presumed perfection and accuracy. Modern Bible versions are translated with the authority and credibility given to the Alexandrian textual line of manuscripts.

Ruckman argued that the Syrian or Byzantine textual line, from which the KJV was translated, was superior. He claimed that not only was it the dominant textual line of the Middle Ages, but that it represented the Greek Vulgate of the first and second centuries, of which the only examples extant are in the writings of the early church fathers. By this the unique character of the King James-only Movement in history is clear: there was no movement of this sort before Ruckman. Frank Norris and His Heirs, Fundamentalist preachers who use only the King James may still believe that it is merely the best translation of an inspired Greek text but not bearing any particular stamp of divine inspiration itself.

Ruckman challenged that notion.

Church Ravaged by Persecution

Significance Why is the King James-only Movement significant? With over fourteen hundred congregations of Independent Baptists representing hundreds of thousands of people at the very least declaring themselves in that camp, its very existence limits the influence and political action of the Independent Baptist movement on a national scale. The Independent Baptist faith tradition, without a strong and charismatic leader like Jerry Falwell or J.

Frank Norris, is unable to affect politics or social issues on anything but a local level due to the division this movement has caused. James R.

Rev. Steven Houck

In an interview this author conducted with an evangelist sent out from and a sometime preacher for Antioch Baptist Church in Stewartstown, Pennsylvania, he stated that he had converted to Christianity in and that five years later, he had the opportunity to teach youth and preach. Kotchenreuter was unaware of other versions.

Is the King James Version of the Bible the most accurate translation?

After he had been a Christian for some time, the King James Bible controversy came to his church, though. MP3 Recording. Stewartstown, PA. Kotchenreuter completed the interview and when asked if he believed that the King James Bible was given by inspiration or was the inspired word of God, replied that he did believe that. This, possibly, can change if a charismatic individual with national ambitions is granted authority as a spokesman by the media and he can build a bridge between the two groups. Conclusion Dr.

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  8. There is no historical precedent to the movement that Dr. Ruckman started. The authors that he and those who agreed with him quoted often were not King James-only.

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    These authors, such as Dr. Edward Hills or J. Other historical figures, churches, and the general Protestant public believed in the divine authority of the Authorized Version because it was available to them in a way that the original manuscripts and languages were not, and that its authority was established by tradition and common usage. Finally, the King James-only Movement, while being birthed in Protestant, particularly Baptist, fundamentalism, was a departure from the traditional fundamentalist view of Biblical inspiration.

    It was a modern rejection of the doctrine established by the Princeton Theological Seminary and embraced by most fundamentalists regarding the unique authority of the original autographs of the Bible.

    Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth - The King James Bible

    It also dismissed the Anglican Revision of the AV and the modern science of textual criticism as products of the Roman Catholic Church and its supporters in attacking the authority and veracity of the traditional Bible. The King James-only Movement, as such, did not exist in writing before and the publication of Peter S. Bibliography Ault, James M. New York: Random House, Frank Norris: Salvation Specialist. A Report of the Rev. Burgon, John William. Preface to The Revision Revised. Butler, Jon. Chennault, Claire Lee.

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    Rightly-Dividing the Words of Truth

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